Atlas Cider Company Switches Name To Avid Hard Cider


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What you have come to know and love as Atlas Cider Company will become Avid Hard Cider when they celebrate their fifth anniversary on June 1, 2018.

Atlas Cider Company – located in Bend, Oregon – was founded by Dan and Samantha McCoy and was named after the couple’s now-seven-year-old son. However, Atlas Brew Works, located in Washington, D.C., was not impressed with their kid’s name and decided to play hardball, forcing Atlas to change their name due to the perceived similarity [apparently assuming people would not notice the difference between the words “Cider Company” and “Brew Works”].

Despite the name switch, Atlas Cider Company will be keeping their brand logo – depicting the namesake Greek god who was doomed to hold up the sky – along with the same font and colors, all of which were protected by trademark copyright.

Atlas Cider Company/Avid Hard Cider is currently scheduled to open a new restaurant in the Pearl District of Portland in July 2018.

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