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Balblair Remembers Three Decades


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Remember the 80s? [big hair, legwarmers, skinny ties] What about the 90s? [plaid, grunge] We’re sure you remember last decade – the Aughts [dvd’s, cell phones not “smart”phones, techno] – fond memories all, but Balblair wants to make sure you remember all three – especially when it comes to holiday gift-giving season – by carting out three “new” vintages of the Highland single malt whiskies, one each from 1983, 1990 and 2003. The trio are all 92 proof [46% alcohol content] natural color, non-chill-filtered whiskies.

The 1983 Balblair will cost you $320, the 1990 vintage [second release] is $136 and the 2003 is a bargain at only $66 – all for 700-ml bottles.

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