Bil Wheaton Also Talks About Newcastle Ale

While his identical twin brother, Wil Wheaton, effuses about Newcastle Ale, sound man Bil Wheaton adds his two cents about beer and brotherly love…

Wil Wheaton Explains Why He Likes Newcastle Ale

Actor Wil Wheaton explains why he suddenly likes Newcastle Ale so much that it is now his favorite beer…

Your WhiskyCritic Oscar Night Cocktail Menu

The 86th annual Academy Awards occur this weekend and while you can’t be there on the red carpet, you can at least consume cocktails as if you were there. The official champagne is the Champagne Thierot Brut from Reims and that’s for toasting the winners. Johnnie Walker is the official Scotch whisky of the Oscars […]

Happy Turkey Day!

Glug Glug! Today is the day when you are allowed to gorge on mashed potatoes, gravy, peas, stuffing, cranberries in some form or another and of course, your holiday required L-tryptophan dosage in the form of turkey – all topped off by your favorite whisky [or second-favorite depending on how many relatives you want to […]

Sct. Clemens Brewery (Denmark, Aarhus)

I was invited to my friends in Denmark over the New Year, Aarhus to be precise, and decided to go for it – I’m growing a bit tired of the Edinburgh Hogmanay, anyway.  Thanks to our Irish friends I managed to get there quite cheaply, which is always a bonus. That said, I think I’ll […]

Williams Bros Grozet and Roisin

And so, once more, we return to the fantastic world of historic Scottish ale, courtesy of the Williams Brothers. I’ve already reviewed Fraoch, Kelpie, Ebulum and Alba, and the only remaining beer in their historical collection is Grozet. As I don’t want Grozet to feel too lonely, though, I’m also going to review Roisin in […]

Williams Bros Kelpie and Ebulum

Having reviewed Alba and Fraoch already, I couldn’t resist reviewing their other “Historic Ales” as well. After all, they’ve got that authentically Scottish feel to them and that, in many ways, is what this blog is about. The historic range includes another three ales, but I had my heart set on reviewing them in pairs […]

Williams Bros Alba and Fraoch

The Williams Bros is a Scottish micro brewery that has been around since 1988, famed for their outstanding Heather Ale. While they are mainly known for Fraoch, which is their heather ale, they’ve got several other brews under their belt as well, most of them fantastic. In this post, I thought I’d take a look […]