Larceny Bourbon Absconds With Your Taste Buds

WhiskyCritic had a chance to sample some of Heaven Hill’s Larceny, a wheated bourbon with an interesting back story that left some good lingering memories on our taste buds as well. Larceny is bottled at 46% alcohol by volume [92 proof] and as a wheated bourbon [using wheat as the secondary grain, rather than rye], […]

WhiskyCritic’s Pacific Northwest Bourbon And Whisky-A-Thon

WhiskyCritic recently had the opportunity to sample a few of the bourbons and whiskies emanating from the Pacific Northwest section of the United States and while the bourbons/whiskies present did not represent the full swath of those available in the region, there were enough to get a good, ahem, “taste” of what might be in […]

WC Test Drive: Elijah Craig 12-Year-Old Kentucky Whiskey

Elijah Craig 12-Year-Old Kentucky Whiskey is a small batch bourbon [47% alcohol content, 94 proof] from Heaven Hill Distillery. The whiskey is named after a religious leader from Virginia who accidentally discovered the joys of bourbon after a fire charred his barrel collection. At least that’s the story and Heaven Hill is sticking to it. […]

WC Test Drive: Temperance Trader Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Temperance Trader Straight Bourbon Whiskey is from Bull Run Distillery in Portland, Oregon, and is a small batch, high rye bourbon [65% corn, 25% rye, 10% malt] with water from the nearby Bull Run Watershed. Aged anywhere from four to six years in barrels, the 45% alcohol content [90 proof] bourbon is said to have […]

WC Test Drive: Tincup American Whiskey

Tincup American Whiskey is a relatively new American bourbon whiskey originating from Denver, Colorado – at least that is where the distillery is located, the grains come from other non-Colorado Midwestern locations and are then paired with Rocky Mountain water to produce the corn-malt-rye [64% corn, 32% rye, 4% barley] whiskey blend. Tincup is aged […]

A WhiskyCritic Review – Maker’s Mark Bourbon

Maker’s Mark Kentucky straight Bourbon whiskey [45% alcohol content – 90 proof] is one of the most popular Bourbons in the land – not only in the United States of America but in the world. So there is an underlying notion that, when embarking on a taste test of Maker’s Mark, it is almost akin […]

WhiskyCritic Review: Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

In 2012, Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey won double gold status at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and has received a 93 rating from Jim Murray, the creator of the “Whisky Bible”. That’s the good news. Some more news – and whether it is actually good or not depends entirely on how you […]

Knob Creek Debuts First Television Ad

Popular American bourbon Knob Creek debuted their first television advertisement and used it to feature sixth-generation master distiller Booker Noe as well as their signature brown liquid…