Father’s Day 2017: Draw Him Some Whiskey

If getting your father some actual whiskey is too expensive for Father’s Day, you could always save money by merely drawing him a realistic-looking glass of whiskey – or save even more money by just showing him this video by artist Stefan Pabst…

Southern Brings 100-Proof Comfort Across The Pond

The 100-proof [50% alcohol by volume] version of Southern Comfort will be traveling across the pond to the UK to join their more traditional introduction of a 70 proof [35% alcohol by volume]. The well-known whiskey liqueur originating from New Orleans, Louisiana, has always been a global favorite as an ingredient in cocktails and mixed […]

Sultan The Bull Likes His Whiskey

Meet Sultan – a 1.5 ton Murrah bull residing in Haryana, India that is reported to be worth $3.3 million and who likes to drink whiskey. Who wants to have a drink? Sultan’s buying!

Gentleman Jack Is Fancy But Not Schmancy

Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack is one of the fancy versions of Jack Daniel’s – a thought they want to embed in your head with their latest advertisement for Gentleman Jack, which sells for $30 a bottle [compared with $22 for regular Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7]. The 40% alcohol-by-volume [80 proof] Gentleman Jack is being […]

Johnnie Walker Keeps Walking

Johnnie Walker has released “Homecoming” – their newest commercial supporting their Keep America Walking advertising campaign, honoring USA veterans in the wake of Armed Forces Day [May 20]. Through the campaign, Johnnie Walker is calling on all USA citizens to join in on a “virtual walk” by sharing a photo or message on social media […]

Johnnie Walker Releases Blenders’ Batch

Johnnie Walker has released the limited edition Blenders’ Batch Bourbon Cask & Rye Finish, a whisky featuring more than 200 whiskies blended together and aged in first-fill bourbon casks before being finished for nearly six months in ex-rye casks limited edition that will only be available in a small number of selected markets travel retail […]

Teeling Fortifies Itself With Brabazon Bottling

Teeling Whiskey has released the Brabazon Bottling, the first in a series of limited edition single malts that are meant as a tribute to the influence of a specific family [Brabazon] in Dublin as well as the role of fortified wines on the taste of Irish whiskey. This first release in the Brabazon Bottling series […]

Jack Daniels Wants An NBA Franchise For Lynchburg, Tennessee

Jack Daniels knows they are not as exciting as say, the swanky metropolitan icon of Sacramento, but they would still like their own NBA franchise for their hometown of Lynchburg, Tennessee. Listed as Lynchburg’s assets are no shortage of team spirit and knowledge about developing a franchise, while listed as demerits are the aforementioned not-exciting […]