Irish Coffee By The Dead Rabbit

Irish coffee is one of those staple holiday drinks – well, okay, it doesn’t have to be a holiday, we know… – that warms the cockles of almost any Grinch’s heart and makes it grow 2.5 sizes. The Dead Rabbit in New York City has their version of the classic cocktail that you may imitate […]

Johnnie Walker Sends Emma Walker To New York For Red Rye Finish

Master blender Emma Walker – no relation to Johnnie – is sent to New York to see how the Scotland-produced Red Rye Finish, the first in its Blenders’ Batch series, compares to its American blended whiskey counterparts.

How To Make A Manhattan With Cocktail Kate

The Manhattan is one of the signature traditional whisky cocktails but maybe, for whatever reason [we are not judging you], you did not know how to make a proper Manhattan. That’s where Cocktail Kate from Jamie Oliver’s drinks Tube comes in to assist you…

Whisky Recipe: The Whisky Ninja

The Whisky Ninja is a new whisky recipe courtesy of Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube – think your traditional whisky sour with a little apple and ginger tossed in for giggles…

Lucky For You Friday The 13th Is World Cocktail Day!

It is your lucky day because today – Friday the 13th – is World Cocktail Day! Sure, for some people, every day is World Cocktail Day but it has its official day today. Celebrate World Cocktail Day with some cocktails of your choice. If you are looking for some suggestions, then WC is at your […]

WhiskyCritic vs. The Old Fashioned Cocktail

On a recent foray into whisky cocktail land, WhiskyCritic was understandably flummoxed by the possibilities that existed for mixing whiskies with a wide spectrum of ingredients from ant droppings to essence of rutabaga. Faced with such a daunting task of selecting an appropriate whisky cocktail to review, WC decided to go with the old favorite […]

A Cocktail Trey – And One – For Your St. Patrick’s Day March Into Madness

Some years you get the two unofficial drinking and gambling holidays – March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day – coinciding with each other for the former’s first and second round games – and this happens to be one of those years so you should be prepared with the proper cocktails for said events. Naturally, you […]

808 Drums Up Some Whisky

There is a new whisky sheriff in town and its name is 8O8. 808 Whisky is a blended grain Scotch whisky that will be put to its best use as a whisky for cocktails and mixed drinks. 808 is named after a drum machine produced by Roland and used widely in techno/house music circles. 8O8 […]