Whisky-In-A-Can Arrives Just In Time For Summer

You may not be ready for it in 2017 but it is here for the summer season – whisky-in-a-can. More specifically, four whisky cocktails in cans made by the Finnieston Distillery Company and featuring the distillery’s own blended Scotch whisky [created in partnership with independent bottler Douglas Laing]. Initially soft-launched last year with two cocktails, […]

Father’s Day 2017: A Pineapple Whisky Sour For Pops

How do you make a Pineapple Whisky Sour – or “Pinapple” if you are British GQ, but that would be a completely different cocktail, if you get our point – for your pops on Father’s Day? Why you go out to your local liquor store and purchase any whisky you desire [or any whisky in […]

Southern Brings 100-Proof Comfort Across The Pond

The 100-proof [50% alcohol by volume] version of Southern Comfort will be traveling across the pond to the UK to join their more traditional introduction of a 70 proof [35% alcohol by volume]. The well-known whiskey liqueur originating from New Orleans, Louisiana, has always been a global favorite as an ingredient in cocktails and mixed […]

May The Fourth Whisky Be With You

WhiskyCritic is nothing if not acutely aware of cultural trendiness. Therefore, if you are a fanatic of some little obscure movie franchise called “Star Wars” – more importantly – are a lover of whisky [or whiskey, if you must], then it is imperative that some form of nuptial arrangement between the two forces be married […]

Irish Coffee By The Dead Rabbit

Irish coffee is one of those staple holiday drinks – well, okay, it doesn’t have to be a holiday, we know… – that warms the cockles of almost any Grinch’s heart and makes it grow 2.5 sizes. The Dead Rabbit in New York City has their version of the classic cocktail that you may imitate […]

Johnnie Walker Sends Emma Walker To New York For Red Rye Finish

Master blender Emma Walker – no relation to Johnnie – is sent to New York to see how the Scotland-produced Red Rye Finish, the first in its Blenders’ Batch series, compares to its American blended whiskey counterparts.

How To Make A Manhattan With Cocktail Kate

The Manhattan is one of the signature traditional whisky cocktails but maybe, for whatever reason [we are not judging you], you did not know how to make a proper Manhattan. That’s where Cocktail Kate from Jamie Oliver’s drinks Tube comes in to assist you…

Whisky Recipe: The Whisky Ninja

The Whisky Ninja is a new whisky recipe courtesy of Jamie Oliver’s Drinks Tube – think your traditional whisky sour with a little apple and ginger tossed in for giggles…