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Diageo Creates Whisky Union With Smoky Goat And Boxing Hares


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International spirit industry giant, Diageo, has created the whisky equivalent of the craft brewing industry in beer with the formation of what they are calling Whisky Union – an “experimental craft whisky offshoot” that aims to promote various whiskies from a collection of small distilleries.

First up on the promotion board are two whiskies called Smoky Goat and Boxing Hares. Smoky Goat is a “smoky sweet” blended Scotch whisky bottled at 40% alcohol content [80 proof] while Boxing Hares is a whisky infused with hops and bottled at 35% alcohol content [70 proof]. A third whisky – called Huxley, a blend of American, Canadian and Scotch whiskies – is set to debut in 2016.

Smoky Goat and Boxing Hares will only be available for $26 and $23 per bottle, respectively, in Germany [specifically, Berlin, Hamburg and Munich] and Austria [Vienna] until a planned international launch in 2016.


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