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Dream Drams Coming To London


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If you are lucky enough to find yourself in London next week – particularly at the Kaleidoscope Bar at Devonshire Square – then you will have the opportunity to enjoy 12 flavors of whisky ice cream that will go on sale beginning on Wednesday, August 9, 2017.

There at the Kaleidoscope is where the Scotch Malt Whisky Society will be presenting their “Dream Drams” of whisky ice cream. The 12 flavors include such concoctions as ‘BANANA-DRAM-A’, ‘SMOKY LAVENDER KISS’, ‘SALTY SEA DOG’, and ‘MAPLE BACON CRUNCH’ and are made in a collaboration with Scottish ice cream makers S. Luca.

After being introduced with great success in 2015, the ice creams created by S Luca are made with the Society’s single cask whisky, ranging from 3.7% – 4.9%. The ice creams reflect the Society’s flavor-based approach to whisky, which is based on its 12 unique whisky flavor profiles such as Sweet, Fruity and Mellow; Spicy & Sweet; and Young & Spritely.

Some of the descriptions of the flavors on the 12-flavor roster of whisky ice cream are:

· GREEN GODDESS – Lightly Peated whisky ice-cream with a lime ripple

· BANANA-DRAM-A – banana and marshmallow ice cream made with a
Sweet, Fruity and Mellow whisky

· SMOKY LAVENDER KISS – lavender ice cream with Palma Violets
and a Heavily Peated whisky

· SNOWBALL SEDUCTION – Oak and Vanilla whisky ice cream with
chunks of coconut

· SALTY SEA DOG – salted caramel ice cream with Oily & Coastal

· MAPLE BACON CRUNCH – sweet syrup and smoky bacon flavors
combined with Peated whisky

· CHILLI DEVIL – Spicy and Sweet whisky ice cream with a
naughty chili kick

The Scotch Malt Whisky Society is an international whisky club established in Edinburgh in 1983 [now boasting more than 26,000 members] that bottles rare single cask, single malt whisky, and a range of other spirits. The Society only bottles single casks – releasing 30 single cask single malt whiskies every month – and has bottled whisky from more than 132 distilleries in its history.

S. Luca opened their first ice cream parlor in Scotland in 1908, when Luca Scappaticcio and his wife, Anastasia, began making ice cream crafted from fresh Scottish double cream and whole milk – making S. Luca dairy ice cream renowned for its smooth, creamy texture and sophisticated taste – the S. Luca ice cream recipe has remained largely unchanged and it is still produced in the same factory as it was in Luca Scappaticcio’s day.

Examples of the Scotch Malt Whisky- flavored Ice Cream to be found at the Kaleidoscope Bar in London this week. [photo credit: Peter Sandground]

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