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It’s Miller-Bashing Time…Natty


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Taking “natty” – the hipster play on the words “natural” or “national” depending on who you are talking to – for a new ride, Anheuser-Busch, the makers of Natural Light, their reduced-calorie brand beer, is employing supermodel Marisa Miller to take on her namesake and A-B’s rival, Miller Lite.

MillerCoors – purveyors of Miller Lite – have touted that Miller Lite has “more taste, less calories and half the carbs” of Bud Light, A-B’s second cousin brand in the reduced calorie beer field.

The latest in A-B’s response campaign to Miller Lite’s claim is having a namesake Miller pointing out that Natural Light actually has “one whole fewer calorie …” per 12-ounce serving than Miller Lite [although, to be fair, Miller Lite was not comparing themselves to Natural Light, but rather Bud Light].

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