The Kinship Unites Six Islay Whiskies

Hunter Laing has released The Kinship – a collection of six, single-cask Islay whiskies. The Kinship specifically consists of a 34-year-old sherry cask Port Ellen ($2300), 33-year-old sherry cask Caol Ila ($475), 30-year old sherry cask Bowmore ($625), 30-year-old Bourbon cask Laphroaig ($910), 28-year-old sherry cask Bunnahabhain ($390) and a 26-year-old Bourbon cask Ardbeg ($910). […]

Ardbeg Gets All Kelpie On Us

Ardbeg has released a limited-edition whisky called “Kelpie” that has been matured in virgin oak casks from the Black Sea before being sent to spend time in the more traditional ex-bourbon barrels. Perhaps not surprisingly, Ardbeg Kelpie is said to contain notes of salt and seaweed and has been bottled at 46% alcohol by volume […]

Ardbeg Encourages You To Get Smuggly In Dark Cove

Ardbeg has launched their limited edition Ardbeg Dark Cove as their way of celebrating the Islay Festival of Malt and Music in May taking place next month on the famous whisky-producing island. Ardbeg’s island home – Islay – was the origin of a profitable whisky-smuggling business back in the day [18th and 19th centuries] and […]

Ballantine’s New Zero Gravity Whisky Glass

Once Ardbeg figures out how to get their whisky to not taste like rubbery smoke, Ballantine’s has a glass for them to put their space whisky in – the new zero gravity whisky glass…

Ardbeg Space Whisky Goes Up In Smoke

Ardbeg sent a sample of whisky into orbit on the International Space Station to determine the effect of micro-gravity on both the aroma and taste of whisky and after returning to Earth, the results are now in – and it is not good – unless you like smoke. Like, a lot of smoke. Ardbeg found […]

Ardbeg Launches Pepetuum

The world had its Whisky Day last week but Ardbeg wants its own day and toward that end, they have launched Ardbeg Pepetuum tocelebrate what the distillery calls Ardbeg Day on May 30, 2015, commemorating the first day the Islay single malt Scotch whisky was first distilled 200 years ago. Ardbeg Pepetuum single malt Scotch […]

Space Whisky Coming Back To Earth

A small vial of Ardbeg whisky is coming back to earth after spending nearly three years aboard the International Space Station. Ardbeg shipped unmatured single malt and bits of charred oak to the ISS in October 2011 where it spent the next three years orbiting the Earth at 17,227 mph 15 times per day. The […]

Ardbeg And The World Cup

Alas, Ardbeg Day is behind us for another year – but the World Cup is still going strong – and Ardbeg and World Cuyp go together like peat and whisky…