WhiskyCritic’s Pacific Northwest Bourbon And Whisky-A-Thon

WhiskyCritic recently had the opportunity to sample a few of the bourbons and whiskies emanating from the Pacific Northwest section of the United States and while the bourbons/whiskies present did not represent the full swath of those available in the region, there were enough to get a good, ahem, “taste” of what might be in […]

Corona Gets Ready For Summer

Are you ready for summer? Corona is – and they think you are too – which is why they have released their first-ever limited-edition “Summer Beach” can for Corona Extra. Corona is the top imported beer in the USA, with the “Summer Beach” Corona Extra can is targeted at millennials. “Summer Beach” Corona Extra will […]

Singha Roars Into UK In Cans

Familiar Thai staple Singha Beer has announced they will now make the ale available in 330ml cans in the UK. Singha Beer is a 5% alcohol by volume [down from the original version, which was bottled at 6% alcohol by volume] Thai beer is part of Molson . Singha Beer in 330ml cans will be […]

Bud Light Comes To The UK

Anheuser Busch/InBev has launched Bud Light to the UK market – and you can determine your personal amount of joy with that announcement. Bud – short for Budweiser, of course – Light is offered up at 3.5% alcohol by volume for the UK and will be available in aluminum cans beginning in March 2017 for […]

Father Thames Is Bitter

A new beer has emerged from the UK-based Windsor & Eton Brewery – a bitter they have named Father Thames – after the ancient river god they claim has been worshipped in London since pre-Roman times [but which also could be a clever wordplay on “Father Time” if you so desire to view it that […]

Ghost Spuds MacKenzie Returns For Bud For 2017 Super Bowl

Budweiser brings out ghost Spuds MacKenzie for the 2017 Super Bowl. Will Pabst bring out Alex from Stroh’s?

Budweiser Rolls Out 2017 Super Bowl Trailer

It’s Super Bowl time in 2017 and that means advertisements for beer – or, in Budweiser’s case – trailers for advertisements for beer…

Carlsberg Gussies Up For 2017

Carlsberg giving Carlsberg Export a makeover for 2017 as a way to appeal to millennials and their beer-drinking choices. The new design of Carlsberg Export has been styled after the Danish flag and will debut in January 2017 but which remains 3.8% alcohol by volume [that will not change].