Texas Has More Bourbon Now

Texas is a big state, but apparently there was not enough bourbon in it, so they had to bring some more in. Firestone and Robertson Distilling Company (as opposed to drilling company, get it?) has released TX Straight Bourbon. TX Straight Bourbon has been aged 4.5 years, is bottled at 90 proof [45% alcohol by […]

Bulleit Bourbon Gets A Bag

If you are beginning your holiday gift-giving search, you may not have to worry about at least one part of the process if you are purchasing some Bulleit bourbon for the person on the receiving end of the gift – Bulleit has done gift-wrapping for you by providing a bag for their bourbon. The bag […]

2016 Yellowstone Hits The Shelves

The 2016 edition of Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon has been released for your enjoyment. This year’s limited-edition bourbon combines two extra-aged rye mashed bourbons finished in toasted wine barrels. The 2016 Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon is bottled at 101 proof [50.5% alcohol by volume]. Only 7000 bottles of Yellowstone Kentucky Straight Bourbon are available for […]

Maker’s 46 Makes Its Appearance

Maker’s 46 – a variant of Maker’s Mark bourbon – has been officially been launched. Maker’s 46 is created by removing fully matured Maker’s Mark bourbon from its barrel, affixing 10 seared French oak staves to the inside of the original barrel, then putting the Maker’s Mark back in and aging it several more months. […]

The Rollin’ Tribe – Episode 2 – Jacktember

What does the second episode of Jack Daniels’ “The Rollin’ Tribe” tell you? Probably much more if you speak Korean, but if you don’t, it tells you, at the minimum, that Korean biker groups seem to be fond of JD…

Matthew McConaughey Talks About Wild Turkey Bourbon

Matthew McConaughey wanted to be creative director of the Wild Turkey bourbon brand so the Wild Turkey bourbon brand said “OK!”

How To Make A Manhattan With Cocktail Kate

The Manhattan is one of the signature traditional whisky cocktails but maybe, for whatever reason [we are not judging you], you did not know how to make a proper Manhattan. That’s where Cocktail Kate from Jamie Oliver’s drinks Tube comes in to assist you…

David Nicholson 1843 Reserve Kentucky Straight Bourbon Launched

David Nicholson Reserve Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey has been launched. David Nicholson Reserve is bottled at a bracing 50% alcohol by volume [100 proof], and is extra aged, bringing spicy notes to the table. David Nicholson Reserve is available for $40 per 750ml bottle while its sister whiskey, David Nicholson 1843 is available for $35 […]