Thatcher’s Goes Vintage

Thatchers has launched their 2016 Vintage Cider in an attempt to bring a more traditional cider to the world. Thatchers 2016 Vintage Cider uses bittersweet apples from the previous year’s harvest and boasts 7.4% alcohol content. Thatchers 2016 Vintage Cider is available in the UK for $2.30 per 500ml bottle.

Jack’s Scrumpy In A Box

How long has it been since you uttered the phrase – “when are they going to put scrumpy in a box?” Last week? Two minutes ago, never? Well, no matter when it was – if ever – Lyme Bay has successfully trapped scrumpy and put it in a three-liter bag-in-box and called it Jack Ratt. […]

Jack Brings Its Cider To The UK

Jack Daniel’s has decided to test the cider waters in the home of scrumpiness – the UK – as they prepare a worldwide launch of their Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider. Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Cider will be made available to UK consumers first – think of it as a gigantic test market – before the company […]

Carling Brings Out Black Fruits Cider

Carling has released their newest flavor of cider called Black Fruits. Carling Black Fruits cider will be sold in cans – specifically in packs of four 440 ml and 10 440 ml cans – with a four-pack of 500 ml cans planned for the future. Carling Black Fruits cider will be available in the UK […]

Kopparberg Launches Sparkling Rose Cider

Swedish cidermaker, Kopparberg, has launched their newest cider product – Sparkling Rosé Cider. Kopparberg Sparkling Rose Cider is 7% alcohol by volume and will be available in both raspberry and strawberry flavors. Kopparberg Sparkling Rosé Cider will be bottled in 750ml bottles but, alas, are currently only available only in Sweden and the UK for […]

Four More Ciders Coming Down The Road

Good news in ciderland as Westons has added a quartet of new craft ciders to their cider portfolio. The four new ciders are Caple Rd No. 5 [double-filtered from fresh English apple juice], Rosie’s Pig Handbrake Cloudy Cider with Damson [a slowly matured, medium-sweet cider with cherry and hedgerow fruit notes], Rosie’s Pig Flat Tyre […]

Stella Artois Cidre Wants To Send You To The Maldives

The makers of Stella Artois Cidre want to send you far away. Far, far away. Specifically, the Maldives Islands in the Indian Ocean, a cave in Iceland or a treehouse in the Fiji Islands. Stella Artois Cidre is launching a competition for consumers who find one of the Stella Artois Cidre ‘lucky stars’ under the […]

Motorhead’s Snaggletooth Cider Now Available

Yet another potential Father’s day gift has emerged with the recent availability of a new cider on the market from rock group Motorhead called Snaggletooth. Motorhead has already delved into the alcohol industry with gusto with two beers, two wines, a single malt whisky and a vodka to their credit. Now comes Snaggletooth, a 5.5% […]