Roe – It’s Fish Eggs But It’s Also Irish Whiskey Now

The savvy fishing person will know that roe is fish eggs but that same fishing person will now also have to be aware that that same word will share a meaning with Irish whiskey after spirit industry giant Diageo announced plans for an Irish whiskey distillery in Dublin where they will make a premium blend […]

The Haig Club Dumbing Down Their Whisky For 2016

After launching their initial foray into the crowded elite whisky market with the single grain Haig Club whisky tied in with celebrity endorsement from world-famous footballer David Beckham, Haig Club owner and worldwide spirits giant, Diageo, has decided to dumb down their Haig Club offerings with the launch of a cheaper whisky that is expected […]

Diageo Creates Whisky Union With Smoky Goat And Boxing Hares

International spirit industry giant, Diageo, has created the whisky equivalent of the craft brewing industry in beer with the formation of what they are calling Whisky Union – an “experimental craft whisky offshoot” that aims to promote various whiskies from a collection of small distilleries. First up on the promotion board are two whiskies called […]

Diageo Issues Three Rare Scotch Whisky Releases

Diageo has released three rare Scotch whiskies from its vaults but good luck getting any one of them as there are only 858 total bottles available among the three of them – Port Ellen, Craganmore and Royal Lochnagar – all of which are single cask releases. Only 210 bottles of Port Ellen 33 Years Old […]

Studebakers Resurface – But Not The Kind You Think

Once upon a time, Studebakers were considered to be the cream of the crop in the automotive world – and that is the sentiment gigantic spirits industry icon Diageo would like to tap into as they launch their line of “Studebaker” whisky-infused cocktail drinks. Two cocktail varieties will debut with the Studebaker line – the […]

Diageo Opens Up Distillery Doors With Google Business View

Spirits giant, Diageo – owners of many of the world’s most famous and notable whisky brands – has opened up the doors to four of its famous whisky distilleries via Google’s Business View. The unprecedented access for a whisky brand gives a virtual tour of Cardhu Distillery [see link below] along with The Singleton of […]

Shove Some Piehole Down Your Gullet

Not content with merely creating pie-flavored whiskey, spirits industry giant, Diageo, also came up with the task of naming said liquid and the name they came up with was – Piehole Whiskey. Yes, Piehole Whiskey. Piehole Whiskey comes in three pie flavors – apple, cherry and pecan. Bottled in Canada, each whiskey is “matured” anywhere […]

Beckham Kicks Off Haig Club Whisky

English football /soccer star David Beckham has officially launched Haig Club single grain whisky brand in Singapore. Beckham’s Haig Club brand is partnered with spirits industry behemoth Diageo and made at Scotland’s oldest grain whisky distillery in Cameronbridge. Haig Club whisky is currently available in Singapore with a planned worldwide distribution in 2015.