Father’s Day 2017: A Pineapple Whisky Sour For Pops

How do you make a Pineapple Whisky Sour – or “Pinapple” if you are British GQ, but that would be a completely different cocktail, if you get our point – for your pops on Father’s Day? Why you go out to your local liquor store and purchase any whisky you desire [or any whisky in […]

The Haig Club Has Father’s Day Covered For You In The UK

Now that Mother’s Day is in the rear-view mirror, Father’s Day is just around the corner – or it seems like it is, anyway – and Haig Club has you covered in the gift-idea-for-dear-old-Dad department – but, alas, only if you live in the UK, where Haig Club has partnered with UK department store Selfridges […]

Haig Club Makes Its Own Rules

The latest video advertisement for the Haig Club – you know, David Beckham’s whiskey of choice – is for its new Clubman…

David Beckham Gets To The Haig Club, Man

The Haig Club whisky was launched a mere two years ago but they are already branching out with a new single grain Scotch whisky called Haig Club Clubman. The Haig Club Clubman has been matured exclusively in American oak casks that have previously held Bourbon, producing notes of vanilla, butterscotch and sweet toffee. The Haig […]

The Haig Club Is The 2016 Oscar Whisky

Last year, it was Johnnie Walker Blue being served at the Governors Ball – the official after-party of the Academy Awards – but this year, the title of official Academy Award whisky has been handed over to David Beckham’s favorite, Haig Club single grain Scotch whisky. The official menu from world-famous chef, Wolfgang Puck, will […]

Haig Club Teaser Trailer Is Howling For You

The Haig Club released a teaser trailer for their single grain whisky starring their brand ambassador, former professional soccer/football player David Beckham – with an assist from the Black Keys…

Haig Club Goes Big For The Holidays

Haig Club knows you have whisky gift obligations for the holidays so they are doing their part by offering a limited edition one-liter bottle of their single grain Scotch whisky. The bottle’s design is inspired by the special Haig Club bottle that was given to the whisky’s official spokesperson and former professional soccer/football player, David […]

Becks Launches Haig Club

English footballer-turned-whisky investor David Beckham has officially launched his single grain Scotch whisky Haig Club…