Snapchat In Cahoots With Jim Beam

Bourbon-maker Jim Beam and online photo sharing service Snapchat have forged an agreement where Jim Beam’s products will be advertised to those who use Snapchat’s services and who are also over the age of 21. Jim Beam’s ads will appear exclusively in the Snapchat Live Stories section of the will usually be a 10-second ad […]

The Real Fireball – Firenado At Jim Beam Factory In Kentucky

A real life fireball struck the Jim Beam factory in Kentucky when archived footage was released on The Weather Channel last week of a 2003 lightning strike on a retention pond at the factory that then ignited the bourbon-laden water and whipped it up into a brief “firenado” that then caused a fire in the […]

Here’s Some Jim Beam Pre-Prohibition Rye In Your Eye

Jim Beam was one of the many American whiskey distributors who were more than happy with the 1933 repeal of Prohibition in the USA and to show how happy they were with this momentous whiskey historical event, they have debuted a “Pre-Prohibition Style” Rye whiskey for your taste buds. The Pre-Prohibition Style Rye has been […]

Jim Beam Instructs How To Get Fired Up With Kentucky Fire

Jim Beam has released a helpful, nine-scenario-guide on “How to Get Fired Up” – but specifically using their spicy cinnamon-flavored Kentucky Fire bourbon…

Here’s Rye In Your Eye -Jimmy Crosses The Pond

For years, the royals have been clamoring – when are we going to get some Jim Beam!? Well, their long wait is over as Jim Beam has announced that they will be shipping a few crates of Jim Beam Rye whiskey over to the UK. Jim Beam Rye is made from 51% rye, aged four […]

Mila Kunis Has Some Questions About Jim Beam

The second commercial featuring Mila Kunis as spokesperson for Jim Beam has Kunis taking us on a history trip through the Civil War and general moonshinery….

Mila Kunis Handles Jim Beam’s Branding Iron

The first commercials are emerging with Mila Kunis’ stint as the new spokesperson for Jim Beam and Kunis begins her Beamism by wielding a branding iron for a personalized “Mila” barrel of hooch….

The Name Is Beam, James Beam

James B. Beam – better known as Jim Beam – will be bringing the Signature Craft 12-Year to the UK. The ultra-premium bourbon as a 43% alcohol content [86 proof] with vanilla notes and can be distinguished by James B. Beam’s signature on the bottle. Beam Signature Craft 12-Year will be available immediately in the […]