60-Year-Old Batch Of Glenfiddich Goes For $25K At Auction

At the Lindsay Burns Auction in Perth, Scotland, yesterday, a batch of 14 bottles of Glenfiddich Special pure malt Scotch whiskey from 1955 was sold to a variety of collectors and connoisseurs for $25,365. The bottles had been discovered hidden away in the cellar of a nearby country house with some still wrapped in their […]

The Famous Grouse Actually Becomes Famous

Scotch whisky brand The Famous Grouse actually became famous today when, before a national team football/soccer friendly between Scotland and England, Scottish team manager handed over a pre-game gift of a bottle of The Famous Grouse to his English counterpart, Roy Hodgson. A bottle of The Famous Grouse typically sells for between $17 and $28 […]

Groundskeeper Willie On Scottish Independence

Scotland has its whisky to protect when it votes for independence on September 18, 2014 – and who better to protect it than Groundskeeper Willie from “The Simpsons”?

Whisky Finally Has Its Own Chips

For years – decades even – whisky has not had a decent snack food to go along with its tasty brown liquor. That’s because whisky is high-end and has always been associated with Cuban cigars or that $70 rib-eye steak. But what about when you’re sitting on your deck enjoying a mere Dominican Republic cigar […]

Nomad Whisky From Scotland And Spain

A new Scotch whisky on the market called Nomad Outland Whisky is a blend of more than 30 single malt and Scotch whiskies that hails mostly from the Speyside region of Scotland but is matured in Andalucia, Spain, in Fino, Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez sherry barrels. The whiskies are initially aged three years in sherry […]

New Outer Hebrides Whisky On The Way

There’s a new single malt whisky sheriff in town – or rather, the Outer Hebrides in Scotland – and its name is Hearach. That will be the name of the new single malt whisky produced from the new distillery being built on the Outer Hebrides Isle of Harris – only the second distillery to be […]

Shipwrecked Whisky Resurfaces At Auction

When the SS Politician sank in 1941 near the island of Eriskay in the Outer Hebrides off the coast of Scotland, it went down with several bottles of whisky – 28,000 cases to be exact – never making it to its ultimate destination of Jamaica. Some of those bottles were lost forever but many others […]

Kilchoman Busts Out The 2007

2007 was the last time the Kilchoman Distillery made whisky good enough to wash your boots. We kid, we kid, get that blood pressure back down. Kilchoman Distillery, in case you are not familiar with the name, is the newest distillery on the whisky-famous Scottish island of Islay – it opened in 2005 as the […]