Bushmills Sees Red For St. Patrick’s Day

In yet another announcement timed for St. Patrick’s Day, Bushmills is seeing red with their launch of what they are calling Red Bush blended whiskey. Bushmills Red Bush is a blend of triple-distilled Irish single malt and Irish grain whiskey that has been matured in a bourbon cask. Bushmills Red Bush is available beginning in […]

Jameson Opens Up Bow Street Home For Tours

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Jameson has officially opened their Jameson Distillery Bow St. for tours. Jameson offers three guided tours: ‘The Bow St. Experience’ tasting tour focusing on the stories of Jameson’s heritage and innovations; ‘The Whiskey Makers’ – a whiskey masterclass and ‘The Whiskey Shakers’ – a cocktail masterclass. Both masterclasses […]

Jameson Unveils St. Patrick’s Day Whiskey

As a celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, beginning in 2012, Jameson began producing a new label design for its popular Irish whiskey. For 2017, Jameson, has unveiled their limited-edition bottle which spotlights Dublin-based designer and illustrator, Steve McCarthy. Jameson’s label design features McCarthy’s take on the Jameson family motto ‘sine metu’ [‘without fear’] in combination […]

A Cocktail Trey – And One – For Your St. Patrick’s Day March Into Madness

Some years you get the two unofficial drinking and gambling holidays – March Madness and St. Patrick’s Day – coinciding with each other for the former’s first and second round games – and this happens to be one of those years so you should be prepared with the proper cocktails for said events. Naturally, you […]

Teeling Rolls Out More Irish Whiskey For St. Patrick’s Day

It is not likely that you will have a shortage of Irish whiskies to select from in two weeks when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, but you will have at least one more as the Teeling Whiskey Company has released their 2016 Single Barrel Irish single malt whiskey series that involves 12 individual casks. The […]

Wanna Do Something About That Post-St. Patrick’s Day Hangover You’re Gonna Have?

St. Patrick’s Day is rapidly approaching – only three weeks away – and that means your post-St. Patrick’s Day hangover is only three weeks away as well. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll drink plenty of water to offset the incoming hangover. But if you don’t know what’s good for you or, more […]

Every Day Is St. Patrick’s Day For Jameson, Which Unveils This Year’s Paddy Day Bottle

For most people around the world, St. Patrick’s Day is a once-a-year drinking event, but for the Irish whiskey-making giant, Jameson, every day is St. Patrick’s Day. Still, there exists a need to separate that day from all the others – at least to the newbies – and Jameson does that every year [at least […]

The Tipperary Cocktail For St. Patrick’s Day

Courtesy of Distinguished Spirits – the recipe for the “Tipperary” cocktail, an ideal cocktail for St. Patrick’s Day…