Ghost Spuds MacKenzie Returns For Bud For 2017 Super Bowl

Budweiser brings out ghost Spuds MacKenzie for the 2017 Super Bowl. Will Pabst bring out Alex from Stroh’s?

Budweiser Rolls Out 2017 Super Bowl Trailer

It’s Super Bowl time in 2017 and that means advertisements for beer – or, in Budweiser’s case – trailers for advertisements for beer…

How Did Beer Ads Rate In The 2016 Super Bowl Ad Bowl?

Pretty flat. Not only did only one beer ad make it into the top 10 – barely, at #9 – of the top ads in the 2016 Super Bowl as compiled by USA Today, but beer ads, in general, fared poorly. Out of 63 ads aired during the telecast of the 2016 Super Bowl, Budweiser […]

Michelob Wants You To Breathe During The 2016 Super Bowl

Don’t forget to breathe – that will be Michelob’s advice on Sunday for the 2016 Super Bowl…

For Their Super Bowl Ad, Bud Light Asks – Had Enough Of Politics?

In case you have not yet had your fill of political ranting and raving, Bud Light is here to not save you by focusing their entire 2016 Super Bowl ad campaign [get it, campaign, hahahaha…groan] on comic persons Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen creating the new Bud Light political party in not-very-humorous ways. Oh yeah, […]

Shock Top Releases 2016 Super Bowl Commercial Insult-a-thon

Shock Top Brewing released their 2016 Super Bowl commercial, which essentially consists of a barrage of insults between a talking beer tap and customer [T.J. Miller] but neglects to talk about the actual beer [decide for yourself if that is a good thing or not]…

What Is Bud Light Bringing To The Super Bowl Party?

Well, Bud Light, of course…duh…plus Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen.

Gronk Win Super Bowl, Gronk Drink Fireball

After winning the Super Bowl in dramatic fashion, the New England Patriots held the obligatory celebratory parade during which ardent fans toss alcoholic items to Patriot tight end Rob Gronkowski to drink, or rather, chug. One of these was a mini-bottle of Fireball, ahem, whiskey. Whisky – and even, whiskey – aficionados deplore the cinnamon-flavored, […]