Labrot & Graham Woodford Single Barrel Reserve

The Woodford Bourbon Single Barrel Reserve has received a lot of great reviews from connoisseurs of dry bourbons.  This Kentucky bourbon from the Labrot & Graham Distillery in Versailles is a distinctive deep orange color and easily recognizable for its unique shade.  The smell which greets my nose when I open the bottle is mostly […]

Evan Williams 1998

Having tried other vintages of the Evan Williams bourbon line from Heaven Hill, I decided to try the 13th vintage, released in 1998. The Evan Williams line of whisky has won a number of awards over the years. The bottle I bought was marked with the precise date it was bottled. The liquid is a […]

Four Roses Single Barrel

Four Roses Single Barrel bourbon is a select, high quality bourbon which is released only in limited quantities every year.  Each bottle comes with a label which includes the name of the warehouse and racking location where the bourbon was aged, prior to being sampled for quality and bottled by hand.  Considering the care and […]

Maker’s Mark

Maker’s Mark is a very popular mid-priced bourbon whisky which you can get for about $20.00.  Having seen many great reviews for this bourbon, I thought I’d give it a shot.  The flavor profile looked appealing, and I’m always searching for good, affordable “everyday” bourbons which won’t drain my budget. The drink is amber in […]

Basil Hayden’s Small Batch

Basil Hayden’s Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a bourbon from Jim Beam’s “Small Batch” collection.  The modern recipe is based off of a classic recipe by an early American distiller named Basil Hayden.  The bourbon has a distinctive presentation which includes a paper label secured by  a ribbon featuring the Basil Hayden logo. […]

Angel’s Envy

Angel’s Envy is a bourbon whisky produced by Lincoln Henderson of Woodford Reserve fame.  The bottle which I purchased had been aged for five years in a charred new oak barrel and then finished in a port barrel.  I had heard that Angel’s Envy was a fruity bourbon which is spicy, sweet, unique, and very […]

Old Grand Dad Bourbon

Old Grand Dad by Brown Foreman Distillery is an inexpensive bourbon available for $12.00-$20.00.  The recipe is said to date back to 1840, possibly even earlier (the label says “Since 1882” though).  It has been passed from distillery to distillery over the subsequent years, and currently is the property of Jim Beam.  There are several […]

Booker’s 7 Year Old

Booker’s Bourbon is a particularly special bourbon created by the James B. Beam Distilling Co.  Why is this bourbon special?  The producer claims that this is the only uncut, unfiltered bourbon you can purchase.  It goes straight from the barrel to the bottle and then onto your table.  Booker’s Bourbon is aged in the center […]