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WC Review – Dalmore 18 Retains Its Excellence


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Dalmore 18-Year-Old has always been one of the better single malt Scotch whiskies – at least in the view of WhiskyCritic – and our latest taste of the whisky did not disappoint.

The smooth – some might even call it buttery – introduction to your tongue has none of the harshness that other high-end whiskies of its ilk can have. If you are asking us, Dalmore 18 is better than Macallan 18, a whisky that may receive more love in the media, and typically costs less [depending on where you are purchasing it, of course].

WC’s recent foray with Dalmore 18 was taken in the neat fashion and this – to WC’s view – only enhanced the enjoyable experience. WC bestows a 93 out of 100 on Dalmore 18 and we highly recommend you select this fine whisky wherever you may encounter it in the future.

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