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WC Tries Bird Dog Kentucky Blended Whiskey


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WhiskyCritic had an opportunity recently to try a sample of Bird Dog Blended Kentucky Whiskey and while it may not reside among the titans of either the whisky or whiskey factions of the industry, it was pleasant and unobtrusive enough to merit at least giving it a try if you see a bottle of it resting comfortably on the shelf of your local liquor-storing establishment.

Bird Dog Kentucky Blended Whiskey is a mashup [to use one of those fun techie terms that society mandates if you want to be considered to be one of cool kids] of corn and rye [along with the malted barley, of course] and has been bottled at 40% alcohol by volume [80 proof] to achieve a suitable level of intensity. Tasting notes tend toward the sweet side – caramel, honey – and the best way WC would describe it is similar to a recent bourbon we tried from Heritage called High Altitude Brown Sugar Bourbon, only with less “oomph” than Heritage’s HA/BSB [which sits at 103 proof].

There is nothing spectacular about Bird Dog Kentucky Blended Whiskey but if you are looking for an inexpensive [a mere $21 per 750ml bottle] yet enjoyable snoot of alcoholic brown liquid, you could do considerably worse than this. WC awards Bird Dog Kentucky Blended Whiskey with an 82 on a scale of 100.

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