Whisky Cocktail: Rusty Nail

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I literally have no history to give you for this cocktail, or anything else of interest really. All I know is that it is an American cocktail, probably from New York.

You’ll need:

  • 1½c of Scottish Whisky – I’d recommend Ardbeg 10 year old for the job
  • ½-¾c of Drambuie
  • 4-5 cubes of Ice


This is about as straight forward as it gets; fill an Old Fashioned glass with ice, pour in the Whisky and the Drambuie, gently stir. If you don’t have an old fashioned glass, use any other ‘short and stout’ glass you have kicking about!


  1. The great thing about this drink is you can’t screw it up, just add more of whichever is lacking (the scotch or the Drambuie). The official Drambuie site even lists the mix ratio as 1:1.

  2. Tuhin Halder says:

    Mind blowing………

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