Strawberry Whiskey Sour || Cocktail Recipe

Strawberry Whiskey Sour || Cocktail Recipe
Feb 29, 2024 at 4:42 PM
Posted By Zedd

Let me show you how to you make a Strawberry Whiskey Sour!

In this recipe, I've used a peated Irish whiskey, from Velvet Cap, which has a nice balance of smoky and fruity red berries, but if you can't find it, or if you don't like smoky whiskey, you can use whatever whiskey you want!

The key here is to use a really good quality strawberry syrup to get a nice flavour as well as the look you want. If you muddle strawberries, you will get a more natural, but tart flavour, like a strawberry whiskey smash, but this here is going to be a strawberry whiskey sour, which is a bit smoother, a bit sweeter, and has a rich, thick texture.

You can make your own syrup, or like me, use a real fruit syrup like this one from Drink Botanicals, but just don't use those sugar syrups with artificial flavours as it won't have the same rich, natural taste!

Also always use fresh lemon juice for a better flavour and an egg white for a nice, rich texture!

Strawberry Whiskey Sour Cocktail Recipe:
60ml Velvet Cap Peated Whiskey*
30ml Lemon Juice
20ml Strawberry Syrup
1 egg white
1 Dash Angostura Biters
1 Dash OrangeBiters

Shake with ice and strain into a chilled coupe glass
Garnish with a slice of strawberry

*Or whatever whiskey you like!

Check out my review of the Velvet Cap Whiskey here:

If you want to make your own Strawberry Syrup, here's a recipe:


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