The Southern Twist

The Southern Twist
Jan 29, 2018 at 1:29 PM
Posted By Alex Bean

Kentucky Fried Chicken [aka KFC] has entered the cocktail recipe game with their gravy-based cocktail they call "The Southern Twist".

Alas, the gravy cocktails - of which there are currently three [a vodka "Gravy Mary" and mescal "Finger Lickin' Sour" joining "The Southern Twist"] will not be available in stores. They are mere suggestions only.


20ml KFC Gravy
50ml vodka (optional)
90ml tomato juice
1 tsp horseradish cream
20ml worcester sauce
15ml lemon juice
Hot sauce
Paprika, celery salt, pepper
Highball glass
KFC Popcorn Chicken


Put paprika, celery salt horseradish, hot sauce & worcester sauce in a cocktail mixer.
Add vodka (optional), lemon juice, tomato juice & KFC Gravy.
Throw cocktail between two mixers.
Pour over ice into a highball.
Garnish with celery & KFC popcorn chicken.

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