WC Tries Bird Dog Kentucky Blended Whiskey

WhiskyCritic had an opportunity recently to try a sample of Bird Dog Blended Kentucky Whiskey and while it may not reside among the titans of either the whisky or whiskey factions of the industry, it was pleasant and unobtrusive enough to merit at least giving it a try if you see a bottle of it […]

WC Visits Tropical Paradise With Glenmorangie 18-Year-Old Extremely Rare

Usually when people win the lottery, one of the first things they say they want to do is take a holiday, trip or vacation to some type of tropical location. WhiskyCritic did this recently – alas, without winning an actual lottery – but you could say WC won the lottery when we tasted some of […]

WC Tries Some Woodford Reserve And Likes It

WhiskyCritic had a pleasant Turkey Day made even pleasanter by the presence of 90.4-proof [45.2% alcohol by volume] Woodford Reserve – a straight rye Kentucky whiskey. The pairing of whiskey with the traditional accoutrements of the holiday’s feast turned out to be perfect, with the somewhat harder edge of the Woodford Reserve proving to be […]

WC Tries And Likes Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old

In hindsight, it would probably be difficult to not like Glenmorangie 10-Year-Old. The Highland single malt scotch whisky is probably – along with The MacAllan – one of the more recognizable of the single malts and one of the most pleasurable to drink. That is because it does not singe your throat on the way […]

WhiskyCritic Vs. The Glenlivet 12

WhiskyCritic recently had the opportunity to review The Glenlivet 12-Year-Old, a Speyside single malt Scotch whisky whose reputation is longstanding as a decent and reliable whisky that also happens to be reasonably affordable. WC found no quarrel with any of these traits. WC is a firm believer that any whisky tasting is at least partially […]

For March Madness, MacAllan 12 Hits Buzzer Beater…Again

Last year at this same time, WhiskyCritic was afflicted with the same disease – the notorious March Madness – and last year, WC sought out the same cure, a dollop of MacAllan 12-Year-Old. Needless to say, it not only hit the spot but also eradicated the spot and made sure the spot didn’t lay any […]

WhiskyCritic vs. Dalmore 12-Year-Old

WhiskyCritic recently had the occasion [St. Patrick’s Day] and opportunity to imbibe a sampling of Dalmore 12-Year-Old single malt Scotch whisky and the experience should be the template for any whisky newbie who is giving single malt Scotch whisky their first post-college try. The popular choice for the day was, of course, Jameson or Bushmills […]

Happy World Whisky Day!

We have officially – finally – reached World Whisky Day 2015 and events are going on around the world to celebrate the occasion. To find your local event, refer to the official website [see link below] but if there are no official events in your area, there is rule against organizing your own event and […]