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  • Ardbeg 10 Year Old

    Whisky Reviews

    Ardbeg 10 Year Old

    You may have heard of them before, a little distillery called Ardbeg on the coast...

  • Johnnie Walker Black Label

    Whisky Reviews

    Johnnie Walker Black Label

    Johnnie Walker is a firm favorite of many novice and intermediate whisky drinkers alike –...

  • Blantons Original

    Bourbon Reviews

    Blanton’s Original

    Having previously reviewed two of the cheaper expressions from the Buffalo Trace Distillery, I thought...

  • Whisky Cocktail: Rob Roy

    Whisky Cocktails

    Whisky Cocktail: Rob Roy

    You will notice that I’m going to cut down on my incessant rambling for most...

  • Ardbeg Blasda

    Whisky Reviews

    Ardbeg Blasda

    Out driving my Mazda, I went past an Asda, I stopped for some pasta, But...

  • Create your own Bushmills Whiskey?

    Whisky News

    Create your own Bushmills Whiskey?

    Following the trend of recent “dream job” announcements, Bushmills Whiskey is offering one lucky whiskey...

  • Bells

    Whisky Reviews


    This will be one of the shortest reviews you are going to see on my...

  • Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

    Whisky Reviews

    Glenfiddich 12 Year Old

    The name means “Valley of the Deer”, and the deer portrayed on the bottle and...

  • Whisky Cocktail: Whiskey Sour

    Whisky Cocktails

    Whisky Cocktail: Whiskey Sour

    While most whisk(e)y* is, in my opinion, best consumed neat – that doesn’t mean that...

  • Port Askaig 17 Year Old

    Whisky Reviews

    Port Askaig 17 Year Old

    Here’s a post that will be slightly different to most others; I’m not actually going...