Martell Releases VS Single Distillery Cognac

Without too much fanfare, Martell has released their VS Single Distillery Cognac. Martell VS Single Distillery Cognac is said to have fruity notes as a result of the single distillation sourcing. Martell VS Single Distillery will launch in the UK later in June 2017.

Ferrand Doubles Down On Cognac Casks

Pierre Ferrand Cognac has released their Reserve Double Cask Cognac – their first to be aged in two distinct casks – first, French oak Cognac casks, and secondly, in casks that once held Banyuls, a fortified wine produced in the South of France. Reserve Double Cask has been matured seven to 10 years in small […]

Hine Unveils 1987 Cognac Twins

Hine has revealed the birth of twin cognacs from 1987 – casks of Grande Champagne eaux-de-vie matured in Jarnac as well as casks matured as Early-Landed cognac. The 1987 Jarnac is said to possess an orange marmalade nose with vanilla, honey and gingerbread notes while the 1987 Early-Landed has a lime nose combined with citrus […]

New [2006] Cognac From Bonneuil

Ten years have passed since the grapes from the French estate of Bonneuil in the Colinaud valley began their pilgrimage toward fine cognac and they have finally arrived in the form of the 2006 Domaine de Bonneuil. Bottled at 42.8% alcohol by volume [85.6 proof], the eaux-de-vie of 2006 Domaine de Bonneuil were matured in […]

Hennessy Cognac Emerges From Chaos

Hennessy would like you to know that their signature cognac emerges from chaos…

Eight Is Enough For Hennessy…For Now

The Hennessy house of cognac has launched Hennessy 8 – honoring the eight generations of master blenders in their house. Hennessy·8 is named after the eight eau-de-vie it contains and illustrates the successive generations of Hennessy master blenders. Each carafe of Hennessy·8 is hand-crafted and individually numbered – only 250 bottles are available and the […]

It’s A New Deau For Cognac

Deau has introduced a new limited edition of its Deau Extra Black cognac – Black Harmony. However, only 1500 bottles of Deau Black Harmony will be released with an estimated retail price of $349 per bottle – only available in Hong Kong.

Hennessy Salutes The Piccards

Hennessy is likely trying to get you to equate their cognac with the accomplishments of the Piccards – a father-son exploration duo – but whether you make that connection or not, the cinematic-style advertisement associated with their product is impressive…