Highland Park Set To Toss You Into The Fire

Earlier this year, Orkney Island-based Highland Distillery released what they called their Ice Edition, a 17-Year-Old single malt whisky – and now they are preparing to release its 15-Year-Old Fire Edition brother. Highland Park Fire Edition has been matured in refill Port-seasoned casks, bottled at 45.2% alcohol by volume [90.4 proof] and is said to […]

ICE ICE Baby – Highland Park Kicks It While Their DJ Revolves It

Highland Park has a new single malt whisky and it’s ICE, ICE baby – the ICE Edition. Highland Park ICE Edition is a 17-year-old single malt whisky that has been bottled at 53.9% alcohol content [107.8 proof] and has been aged predominantly in ex-bourbon casks [though not in Miami]. Highland Park ICE Edition is said […]

Odin Joins Highland Park’s Valhalla Collection

Highland Park Distillery has released their Odin whisky for their Norse heritage-inspired Valhalla Collection. Odin, a 16-Year-Old single malt, joins previously released Freya, Loki and Thor whiskies. Odin was bottled at 55.8% alcohol content [111.6 proof] and its 17,000 bottles are available this month.

Highland Park Discovers Its Dark Origins

Highland Park Distillery founder Magnus Eunson had a whisky-smuggling operation in the 1700s and it is this operation which has inspired the newest single malt whisky to emerge from the distillery called “Dark Origins”. “Dark Origins” will carry a 46.8% alcohol content [93.6 proof] and touts spice, chocolate and sweet/smoke notes. Highland Park’s “Dark Origins” […]

Adelphi Single Cask Collection Coming To America

The Adelphi Single Cask Scotch Whisky collection will be making its American debut this year. The collection of super-premium single malt whiskies from some of Scotland’s most hallowed distilleries will be released four times per year beginning this year. The first Adelphi Single Cask release does not have a date but will include Highland Park […]

Highland Park Adds Love To The Valhalla Collection

With Thor and Loki already in the house, Highland Park added the third of its intended four-whisky, Norse god-themed Valhalla Collection with Freya, a 51.2% alcohol content [102.4 proof] whisky that HP is expecting people to fall in love with – being that it is named after the Norse goddess of love. Freya is a […]

It’s Linnsanity!

Now that you have your Bushmills Grado wooden headphones purchase all planned, you will probably need something to go along with those wooden phones. Something like, say, an old-school turntable crafted out of the casks used to create Highland Park whisky. Only 40 of the turntables will be made by audio gearmaker Linn which are […]

Is Cutty Your New Buddy?

Cutty Sark has a good reason why you should consider it to be your new bestest buddy and it’s called the Cutty Sark Prohibition Edition. Cutty Sark was famously smuggled to the USA during the Prohibition Era by Captain William McCoy, who gained a reputation for authenticity and fairness-in-smuggling that gave birth to the popular […]