Thanksgiving Opinions Of Laphroaig – Round 1

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and that may or may not mean – depending on your family – that it is time for a dollop or three of Laphroaig…

If You Have 3.5 Hours To Kill, Laphroaig Has Something For You

Andy Daly embarks on a 3.5 hour recounting of remarks on how to describe the taste of Laphroaig Whisky…

Laphroaig Wishes You Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away and Laphroaig knows how to treat fathers right – unlike some of the ungrateful offspring depicted in their commercial…

Laphroaig Releases 32-Year-Old

Laphroaig has released a 32-Year-Old single malt Scotch whisky celebrating their 200th anniversary as a distillery. The Islay whisky was matured in first-fill ex-Oloroso sherry casks and produces notes of fruit, nuts and brown sugar. Laphroaig 32-Year-Old is available for $1150 per bottle beginning in November 2015.

Laphroaig Releases 32-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky

Islay distiller, Laphroaig, has released a 32-Year-Old single malt Scotch whisky to celebrate their 200th birthday year. Laphroaig 32-Year-Old was aged in first-fill former Oloroso sherry casks and is said to have notes of chocolate, fruit, nuts and spices. Laphroaig 32-Year-Old will retail for $1140 per bottle beginning in October 2015.

Laphroaig Unveils Anniversary Single Malt Whisky

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of the opening of their Islay distillery, Laphroaig has released a 16-year-old single malt Scotch whisky. The Laphroaig 16-Year-Old Anniversary Edition, bottled at 48.4% alcohol content [96.8 proof], is said to begin with citrus and vanilla notes before transitioning into pepper and fruit tastes and finishing with sea salt and […]

Laphroaig Celebrates 200th Birthday With Mean Tweets

Laphroaig single malt Scotch whisky is celebrating their 200th birthday by highlighting their Twitter feed with good-natured tweets about the taste of their well-known whisky. Such tweets as the taste of Laphroaig being compared to drinking from an old boot, licking a bagpipe filled with honey or smelling like a Band-Aid will be featured. Laphroaig […]

Laphroaig Reboots 15-Year-Old Whisky

Laphroaig has announced a limited re-release of their 15-Year-Old Islay single malt Scotch whisky to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the distillery’s birth in 1815. Originally launched more than 30 years ago, the 15-Year-Old whisky was bottled at 43% alcohol content [86 proof]. The re-release of Laphroaig Islay single malt Scotch whisky will be available […]