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J. J. Corry Irish Whiskey Arrives In The USA


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J.J. Corry has released their blended Irish whiskey called ‘The Gael’ in the USA.

“The Gael” is made with 5% 26-year-old single malt, 27.5% 11-year-old single malt, 27.5% 15-year-old single malt with the remaining 40% being seven-year-old single grain whiskey. “The Gael” blended Irish whiskey is bottled at 46% alcohol by volume [92 proof] and is said to contain notes of apple, lime, peppercorns and grapefruit.

“The Gael” is named after a bicycle invented by Irish whiskey bonder J.J. Corry invented in the 1890s in the Irish village of Cooraclare.

Only 7500 bottles of “The Gael” blended Irish whiskey will be available for $75 per bottle in Connecticut and Tennessee in March 2018.

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