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The Name Is Jameson, Jameson Empire


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Sam Mendes cradles his awards like precious whiskey bottles.

When you are arguably [let the arguments commence!] the most well-known whiskey brand in the world [said in thundering MC voice intonation], the perks come fast and furious and one of those is the opportunity to sponsor film industry award shows such as the Jameson Empire Awards, a sort of second-tier [behind the BAFTA’s – let more arguing commence!] British-based award show associated with film magazine Empire. Naturally, it goes without much saying that a film like “Skyfall” should win a Jameson Empire Award because superspy James Bond should definitely be sipping a whiskey instead of a Heineken and it is probably neck-and-neck whether he should be drinking a whiskey or his signature drink, the vodka martini [let even more arguing commence!].

“Skyfall” took three trinkets at the Jameson Empire Awards for best film and director Sam Mendes winning best director as well as the film winning the Inspiration award.

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  1. Alex

    April 2, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    Yes, James Bond would definitely drink a whiskey, he would reside at his Skyfall estate in Glencoe at the foot of the Ben Nevis mountain, look down Loch Linnhe towards the town of Oban and behind it the isles of Jura and Islay. Any he would think: Too bad they don’t make any spirits here, but fortunately there’s Jameson. 😉

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